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Basilton: Satisfied
Fidget: Aright, aright, dat's what I'm talkin' 'bout! Now ev'rybody give it up fer da father of da bride, Padraic Ratigan!
A toast to the groom.
To the bride.
From your father,
Who is always by your side.
To your union,
And the hope that you provide.
May you always
Be satisfied.
I remember that night.
I just might regret that night for the rest of my days.
I remember those soldier boys
Tripping over themselves to win some praise.
I remember that dreamlike candlelight,
Like a dream that you can't quite place;
But oh, dear Basil,
I'll never forget the first time I saw your face.
I have never been the same.
Intelligent eyes in a hunger pang frame.
And when you said "Hi," I forgot my dang name.
Set my heart aflame, every part aflame, this is not a game.
You strike me
As a man who has never been satisfied.
I'm sure I don't know what you mean.
You forget yourself.
You're like me;
I'm never satisfied.
Is that right?
:icondiscordantprincess:DiscordantPrincess 1 3
AT: Figurines
It was a sunny day in San Francisco. Pinky and the Brain were waiting for their good friend and roommate Justin to come home from shopping with his parents to find a gift for their neighbor Meg's upcoming birthday.
"Gee Brain, what kind of neat stuff do you think Justin will find at the mall?" Pinky asked the shorter, plumper lab mouse.
"The standard things any young adult would buy at a shopping mall, Pinky; designer clothing, electronics and useless knick-knacks."
Pinky frowned. "Aw Brain, only you could suck the fun out of going to the mall, POIT!"
Brain smirked slightly. "Just a small thing I do, Pinky."
Just then, Justin's father parked in the driveway. Justin got out of the car, gave both his parents a hug and kiss goodbye, and came inside as they drove home. "Hey guys, you'll never believe what I found at the mall."
"Designer clothing, electronics and useless knick-knacks?" Pinky guessed.
"What?" Justin frowned slightly at Brain. "Did you tell that to him?"
"Perhaps," Brain repl
:icondiscordantprincess:DiscordantPrincess 1 2
Mature content
Gift: Softball :icondiscordantprincess:DiscordantPrincess 1 41
AT: Amyretel and the Sally Witch
Amy Rose gulped as she walked down the cobblestone path that led through the spooky forest. The pink hedgehog had been dared by her friend Sonic to wander into the woods to find the witch who supposedly lived there. Not that Amy believed in witches; she hadn't believed in such fairy tale nonsense since she was a pup.
Amy groaned and sat down on a nearby moss-covered rock, rubbing her feet. She had been walking for what felt like hours, and she was starting to get tired. Her stomach rumbled a bit, letting her know that she was also hungry.
"Well, no sign of any witches," the hedgehog told herself. "Guess I can go back and rub it in Sonic's face." She tried to get up, but her backside stuck to the rock. "What the..." She tried to get up again, this time succeeding. "I didn't know moss could be that sticky."
The "moss" had left behind a sticky residue on her dress. Amy eyed it curiously and ran her finger over it, catching some on it. She sniffed the green goo and licked it. "Lime?" She t
:icondiscordantprincess:DiscordantPrincess 5 3
AT: Song and Dance
It was a sunny day in San Francisco. At the house of Justin, Pinky and the Brain, the three friends were listening to a compact disc of the band Rock Sugar. Visiting and listening with them were Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner.
"Wow, I can't believe you guys found a Rock Sugar CD at the music store," Yakko commented.
"Yeah, they're one of my favorite bands," Wakko agreed. "And not just because I'm close with the lead singer." He grinned knowingly, making the others laugh.
Just then, there was a knock on the door. Pinky opened it to find Meg and Ratigan on the other side. "Sorry about the delay, our babysitter ran a little late," Meg explained.
"No need to apologize, POIT, we're just glad you're here," Pinky answered.
"Hey Meg, check it out," Justin attracted his friend over to his side. He showed her the CD cover.
Meg gasped. "No way! I love Rock Sugar! Did they play "Don't Stop the Sandman" yet? That's my favorite."
"Not yet, but one of MY favorites is coming on next," Justin answered.
:icondiscordantprincess:DiscordantPrincess 2 4
Cel Block Tango
Lapis Lazuli: Pop.
Mirage: Six.
Princess Luna: Squish.
Miss Bianca: Uh-uh.
Danielle: Cicero.
Zira: Taka.
Oogie Boogie: And now, ladies and gentlemen, the Six Merry Murderesses of the Cook County Jail, in their rendition of the Cell Block Tango.
Lapis: Pop!
Mirage: Six!
Luna: Squish!
Bianca: Uh-uh!
Danielle: Cicero!
Zira: Taka!
They had it coming.
They had it coming.
They only had themselves to blame.
If you'd've been there,
If you'd've seen it...
I betcha you would have done the same.
Lapis: You know how people have these little habits that get you down? Like Peridot. Peri liked to chew, not chew, POP. So I come back to the barn this one time, and I'm really irritated, and I'm looking for a little bit of sympathy, and there's Peri, lying on the couch, watching "Camp Pining Hearts" and, not chewing, POPPING! So I said to her, I said "You pop that gum one more time"...and she did. So I took the shotgun off the wall and I fired two warning shot
:icondiscordantprincess:DiscordantPrincess 1 2
AT: Amusement Park
*A sunny day in Burbank, California. Justin, Pinky, the Brain, Yakko, Wakko and Dot are waiting for Ratigan and Meg to arrive with their kids.*
Pinky: Egad, isn't this exciting? This is the first time we've gotten to all get together since Meggie had baby Steven.
Brain: Yes it is, Pinky. I just hope they haven't forgotten about today.
*Just then, the Ratigan family car pulls into the parking lot. Soon the family makes its way to where they are waiting; four-year-old Owen is holding Ratigan's hand, two-year-old Olivia is in a stroller being pushed by Meg, and six-month-old Steven is in a pack on Meg's chest.*
Meg: Hey guys, sorry we're late. Steven here had a bit of a diaper emergency five minutes before we were set to leave. *pets baby's hair*
Justin: It's OK, we're just glad you're all here. *smiles at baby, beeps his nose*
Steven: *gurgles, smiles*
Dot: Oh my gosh, he's so cute...and he's gotten so big since the last time we saw him.
Yakko: Won't be long before that one's breaking th
:icondiscordantprincess:DiscordantPrincess 2 8
Request: Olivia Red Riding Hood
Olivia Flaversham skipped down the path to her Grandmother Judson's cottage in the woods. Her father had sent her with a basket of goodies for the ill woman, including a pepper mill and a vial of a special blue liquid that her friend Professor Ratigan had given her.
Along the way, Olivia encountered Danielle, a young female rat with dusky gray fur, long black hair and big dark blue eyes wearing a white blouse, a black corset, a darker gray skirt and black boots. "Good day, my dear," she greeted her.
"Hello, Miss Rat," Olivia replied.
"And where might you be headed today?" Danielle asked.
"I'm bringing a basket of treats to my grandmother's house. She lives at the end of this path."
"How lovely of you." Danielle picked a buttercup from the edge of the path. "If I were to bring goodies to my grandmother, I would also bring her a bouquet of wildflowers, just to show her some extra love."
Olivia's eyes sparkled at the idea. "Oh, she would love that. Thank you for the idea." With that, the
:icondiscordantprincess:DiscordantPrincess 4 8
Gift: Preparing for Baby
Sarah smiled as she gently tucked a soft lavender blanket into the white cradle she’d set out the day before. She had spent several weeks turning an extra bedroom in her home into a nursery for her upcoming baby.
As she finished smoothing the blanket, Sarah felt tears of both sadness and joy stinging her eyes. In her youth, a horrible attack had left her body weakened and unable to bear a child. Later, her ex-husband had forced her to conceive, but the child had been stillborn, leaving her heartbroken and near dead herself. She never thought she’d get the chance to use the cradle her parents had given to her that had held her as a baby.
However, Sarah got her second chance at motherhood through an unlikely source; a young woman named Danielle.
Danielle was the daughter of Professor Ratigan, Sarah’s part-time lover and full-time pain in the butt. The two ladies had come to love each other as sisters, and Danielle was able to show just how much she loved her big sister
:icondiscordantprincess:DiscordantPrincess 2 88
Trimming the Tree
It was a calm winter day in Connecticut. A lush blanket of snow covered the ground. A slight chilly breeze blew through the trees, making their ice-covered branches dance and tinkle, as if they were singing.
In a cozy little house on a quiet little street, Meg, a young woman with dark brown hair tied into a ponytail and big brown eyes behind glasses wearing a green sweater and jeans, was working on decorating the living room for Christmas. Helping her were two of her closest friends; Professor Ratigan, a six-foot-four rat with dark fur, black hair and gold eyes wearing a black Victorian-style suit and an opera cape, and Garnet, a seven-foot-tall humanoid gem with reddish skin, square black hair, one red eye, one blue eye, and one purple eye, wearing a red and black suit and a visor that covered her eyes.
"That's it," Meg was directing Garnet to place the star on the top of the Christmas tree. "A little more to the left...good, good...there, perfect."
"I never quite understood the appea
:icondiscordantprincess:DiscordantPrincess 3 5
Christmas AT: The Party
It was December twenty-fifth in Acme Falls. King Yakko, Prince Wakko, Princess Dot, Prime Minister Brain and Royal Stable Hand Pinky were on their way from the castle to a lovely house in the center of town. This was the home of Professor Ratigan and his wife Meg, who had invited the royal family and the mice over for a Christmas party.
"It sure was nice of the Professor and Meg to invite us," Yakko commented. "I hope they didn't go overboard in trying to make it "elegant" since we're royals now."
"I hope they have lots of yummy treats," Wakko wished, rubbing his belly.
"Of course they will; can you imagine Ratigan hosting a party without food?" Dot asked, making her brothers chuckle. Their rat friend was famous for having an appetite that rivaled Wakko's.
"Egad, I just hope they didn't do too much to prepare," Pinky spoke up. "Poor Meggie shouldn't be straining herself in her condition." Meg was nearly nine months pregnant with her and Ratigan's first child.
"I'm sure she didn't, Pink
:icondiscordantprincess:DiscordantPrincess 2 6
Request: Through His Stomach
It was a quiet day in London. In Professor Ratigan's sewer lair, the professor was tinkering with his personal chemistry set in his private room. Just then, there was a knock on the door. "Daddy? May I come in?"
Ratigan smiled as he recognized the voice of his eighteen-year-old daughter. "Of course, Danna Banana, come right in."
Danielle opened the door and slipped into the room. "I need some adv-" She was cut off by her father handing her a pair of goggles. "Working with potentially dangerous chemicals here, love."
The young rodent nodded and put the goggles over her eyes. "I need some advice," she continued with her sentence. "How do I get Basil closer with me?" Basil was Danielle's boyfriend and the premiere detective of all London. While incredibly intelligent, the detective still had some issues with social skills and relationships.
Ratigan hummed as he thought of how to help his daughter with her situation. Then, he smiled. "Well, there's always that old chestnut, "the qu
:icondiscordantprincess:DiscordantPrincess 2 2
AT: Recording
It was a quiet day in Burbank, California. In a sound stage, Justin and some of the cast of Animaniacs was getting ready to perform a recording of the ATeens song “Floorfiller.”
“Thanks for inviting me to do this with you guys,” Justin told the cast.
“No prob,” Yakko replied. “We thought you’d enjoy it.”
“NARF! I just wish Meggie would’ve agreed to do it with us,” Pinky spoke up. “She has such a pretty voice.”
“She does, but she doesn’t know the song as well,” the Brain explained. “But I am sure she’d like a copy of the recording when we’re done.”
“Definitely,” Dot agreed.
Just then, Ralph the Guard peeked into the recording booth. “OK, yous guys, we’s almost ready to starts the recordings.”
“Thanks, Ralphie,” Yakko told him. He smiled at the group. “You guys ready?” Everyone nodded. “OK, music starts i
:icondiscordantprincess:DiscordantPrincess 2 4
Gift: Making the Grade
Danielle Ratigan sat at her desk in her classroom, reading a book during her lunchbreak. The young mouse-rat hybrid had taken a job as a home economics instructor at a local high school to help augment her fiance Basil's detective salary during the inevitable period when the folks of London had no cases to bring to Baker Street, or "the sleuthing slump," as he called it.
Just then, Danielle was startled by the sound of someone slamming something on her desk. She looked up from her book to see Samuel Killgore, a young friend of hers and her father's and one of the students in her beginner's level class, standing there. He had slammed a paper on her desk, and by the look on his face, he was not happy. "What can I do for you, Samuel?"
Samuel grimaced as he pointed to the paper. "Care to explain this?"
Danielle adjusted her reading glasses on her face and looked down at the paper. It was Samuel's midterm grades. Amongst the many A's and A-minuses, there was one solitary C-plus.
A C-plus th
:icondiscordantprincess:DiscordantPrincess 1 16
Mabel Universe: Both of You
Why don’t you talk to each other?
Why don’t you talk to each other?
Just give it a try.
Why don’t you talk about what happened?
I know you’re trying to avoid it,
But I don’t know why.
You might not believe it,
You might not believe it,
But you’ve got a lot in common,
You really do…
You both love me,
And I love both of you.
Flynn: Look, if I were you, I’d hate me too.
Jafar: I don’t hate you.
Flynn: But…I knew how you felt about Maleficent, and I stayed anyway.
Jafar: That wasn’t the problem.
Flynn: Then, what WAS?
Jafar: She fell in love with YOU.
Flynn: Well, you know Mal…
Both: She always did what she wanted! *laugh*
I know you both need it.
I know you both need it:
Someone who knows
What you’re going through.
You might not believe it.
You might not believe it,
But you’ve got a lot in common,
You really do…
You both love me,
And I love both of you.
You both love me,
And I love both
:icondiscordantprincess:DiscordantPrincess 2 3
Mabel Universe: It's Over, Isn't It
I was fine with the men
Who would come into her life now and again.
I was fine, ‘cause I knew
That they didn’t really matter until you.
I was fine when you came,
And we fought like it was all some silly game,
Over her, who she'd choose.
After all this time, I never thought I'd lose.
It's over, isn't it?
Isn't it? Isn't it over?
It's over, isn't it?
Isn't it? Isn't it over?
You won,
And she chose you,
And she loved you,
And she's gone.
It's over, isn't it?
Why can't I move on?
War and glory,
Fusion, freedom,
Her attention.
Out in daylight,
My potential.
Bold, precise.
Who am I now in this world without her?
Petty and dull with the nerve to doubt her?
All of it's over, it's really quite wild.
Now I have to be there for her child.
It's over, isn't it?
Isn't it? Isn't it over?
It's over, isn't it?
Isn't it? Isn't it over?
You won,
And she chose you,
And she loved you,
And she's gone.
It's over, isn't it?
Why can't I move on?
It's over, isn't it
:icondiscordantprincess:DiscordantPrincess 2 4


Mature content
Senior Year Episode 15: The Cold Shoulder :iconprofessorratiganfan:ProfessorRatiganFan 2 5
Gemocracy by Neodusk Gemocracy :iconneodusk:Neodusk 1,174 119 Loud House Genderbent: Over protection by speeddemon48 Loud House Genderbent: Over protection :iconspeeddemon48:speeddemon48 133 45
Mature content
Senior Year Episode 14: Another Expulsion :iconprofessorratiganfan:ProfessorRatiganFan 2 3
Mature content
Senior Year Episode 13: The New Year :iconprofessorratiganfan:ProfessorRatiganFan 2 2
Royal Ballooning and Rescuing
Forest; Cloudy Day
The clouds darken in the sky as many forest animals were sheltering themselves for the oncoming rain. However, this didn't stop someone with big round ears, clad in a brown cloak, riding on top of a white horse from going outside. "NEIGH!!" the horse shook his head before the rider gently comforts the horse. "Easy there boy." the rider said, removing his hood. "It's just going to rain. That's all." As he did, it reveals a very familiar face with those iconic ears of his.
This was actually Mickey Mouse from a neighboring kingdom, travelling on his horse. "Don't worry, we won't be too far!" He said, continuing to ride on his horse. He felt the wind blowing much harder all of the sudden. "WHOA!!" he huffed, holding onto his hood as his horse rode on, braving the wind. Suddenly, a flash came in and flickered about in an instant moment. This came in right before a loud rumble strolled in. "NEIGH!!" The startled steed begins to gallop away with the rider hanging on.
:iconww07kid:ww07kid 10 5
AT- At The Dairy
It was a lovely autumn day.  At a dairy, Justin, a young man with green eyes and red hair in a Pinky and the Brain t-shirt and jeans, Meg, a young woman with brown hair and brown eyes through glasses in a pink shirt and jeans, Pinky, a tall thin white lab mouse with blue eyes, buck teeth and a straight tail, the Brain, a short round lab mouse with a large head, pink eyes and a crooked tail, Ratigan, a tall sewer rat with dark fur and hair and gold eyes in a Victorian style suit, Danielle, his daughter and Basil, his former enemy and daughter's husband, were checking out the place.
"Egad look at all the cows, NARF!" Pinky exclaimed.  "They're so cute!"
"The smell isn't so cute," the Brain remarked, clenching his nose.  Basil agreed.
"This is why I'm NOT a country mouse!"
"But isn't it kind of interesting, seeing how milk is made?" Justin asked.  "Granted, I won't be able to consume the products made here."
Pinky and the Brian looked sadly at one another; they felt so
:iconprofessorratiganfan:ProfessorRatiganFan 1 3
HAPPY HALLOWEEN BASIL OL' BOY by GracieCouture HAPPY HALLOWEEN BASIL OL' BOY :icongraciecouture:GracieCouture 54 22 What are you reading? by Lolliangel123 What are you reading? :iconlolliangel123:Lolliangel123 124 31 Little Ratigan - sketches by Nightmonster123 Little Ratigan - sketches :iconnightmonster123:Nightmonster123 49 35 DanielleXBasil by Holly2001 DanielleXBasil :iconholly2001:Holly2001 5 9
Mature content
Senior Year Episode 12: Another Christmas :iconprofessorratiganfan:ProfessorRatiganFan 2 2
Demotivator #88 - 0_0 by NewNumber2 Demotivator #88 - 0_0 :iconnewnumber2:NewNumber2 9 4 SIT BOY ! by GracieCouture SIT BOY ! :icongraciecouture:GracieCouture 66 13 Polo Sweater by GracieCouture Polo Sweater :icongraciecouture:GracieCouture 7 7 Foreboding by Morloth88 Foreboding :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 325 258


BEAUTIFUL job! I love the ethnic diversity of your crew...I had remembered reading about how polar bears have black skin underneath the...


An animated re-cast of two movies; "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." Which do you prefer? I like both, but "Charlie" looks cooler.

*Steven (Steven Universe) as Charlie Buckets
*Clopin (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as Willy Wonka
*Garnet (Steven Universe) as Grandpa Joe
*Ralph Wiggum (The Simpsons) as Augustus Gloop
*Lola Loud (The Loud House) as Violet Beauregard
*Darla Dimple (Cats Don't Dance) as Veruca Salt
*Sid Phillips (Toy Story) as Mike Teevee
*Aliens (Toy Story) as the Oompa Loompas
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